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Il Tempio Oscuro - The Official Community tackles themes on the Real Vampirism, Lycanthropy, Otherkin, Therian and paranormal in general.
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About us
Il Tempio Oscuro - The Official Community, is an community of study and information established on may 2012 that addresses the following themes:

- Vampirism, both real and mythological and folkloristic
- Real Werewolf o Lycan, both real and mythological and folkloristic
- Therian
- Otherkin
- Occultism in every facet, ritualism and meditation techniques
- Paranormal activities
- Mysteryes
All this maintaining a balance between rationality and mental openness. 

I also note that this is the only community authorized and is owned by the founder Edge Rocker, other existing groups that carry this name are to be considered unofficial or born subsequently as ugly imitation, so the founder will not be responsible for any actions taken from these other groups.
Where to find us

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